Youngest Grand Daughter

19 Jul 2012 – Happy 15th Anniversary Linn & Jeff

15yrs later and they all look the same: from left- Erin, Charlotte, Kristy, May, Linn, Jeff, Matt, Gabe, Scott and Randy! A wonderful bunch from Lake Howell High School, Winter Park, FL/USA. How could it have been 15yrs ago ???????????????

Linn posted an adorable pix of Sophie in FB a few days ago. Could not help sharing it, especially with Cheng Chee Hoew and Kah Yun Lam who thinks that Sophie looks like me… in that she and I like Chinese food. LOL
Comments except from Cheng Chee Hoew and Kah Yun Lam 🙂 🙂 🙂
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    • Amy Lam: Olai is the only one of the grandchildren who has darker hair and eyes! Yes and he looks like me… NOT 🙂

    • Linn Hall: It’s the big blue Chinese eyes and blonde hair.

    • Amy Lam: All my grandchildren are soooo adorable… life cannot be any better!
    • Chesper-Joghne Pang: She’s adorable!
    • Kristy Fessler Bowman: Is she precious or what!

    • Amy Lam: Appreciations to L&J, M&B for all these 6 adorable & precious grandchildren: Katy, Ellie, JohnW, Sophie, James & Olai! Yeah I remember all their names but plx do not ask me their age 🙂

    • Helen Yow: Amy, aren’t you fascinated by how Chinese they look!?

    • Amy Lam: Well, at least they all like Chinese food… LOL!

    • Soon Tan: O M G !! so so georgeous !!!! carmelxx

    • Amy Lam: ‎Soon Tan, Tkx Carmel! So Cheng Chee Hoew & cousin Kah Yun Lam, you better gets your eyes tested… hahaha!

    • John Cheng: in a way, Sophie do look like you. how’s life with you and what’s your next stop? David is asking for you. He submitted his retirement. my son wedding is coming and his quarter is ready. but my mom’s condition is worrying. just hospitalized her today. take care

    • Amy Lam: Thank you there John Cheng. Next stop: France&Belgium 17 Aug, back to Norway 1 Sep, to Toronto/Canada 15 Sep and then SC/USA 24 Sep. Congratulations with son’s wedding. Hope that you mom’s condition will improve and we can catch up with David in Dec/SIN!


      Thanita Rerkrudeekul:  So cute!!!
      Amy Lam:  Thank you everyone especially John Cheng, but do remember to go for your eye check-up! LOL 🙂
      A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do – Lois Wyse