On the Streets In Dublin Fair City

5 Jul 2012 – Where the memories are so pretty!

Mon: Alexandra School & College Earlsfort Terrace (1765) where a naive young boarder age 15yrs was first exposed to the world! Alex celebrated her 200yrs in 1965 with a formal dress dance at the Shelborne Hotel, a 5* and historical hotel (1824) then and now! Unfortunately no pix from those days but the memories are quite in tact.  Today Alex has moved to Milltown and it is now the Conrad Hotel with University College Dublin/UCD still standing majestically opposite.

16 Waterloo Rd, where siblings and cousins of the LAM family could be found from the late 1950s-1970s! Was also staying there at short periods from 1966. Directly across the road was WahYan House/for HKG students, conveniently located to watch TV! Here everything looks the same, it was like stepping back into adolescence 🙂

Grand Canal: lived in the short yellow building on Grand Parade for a some months. The tiny shop (with the candy-stripped shades) in the middle of Leeson St still exists where I bought my bar of chocolate. After a few too many drinks! driving over this slight hump over the canal was like riding a roller-coaster 🙂 🙂

Courtney and Mitchell House: lived in DUB’s first modern apartment blocks on Appian Way from 1969-1974. Today there are fences build around these 2 well-kept blocks and still looking very much the same!

146 Stillorgan Rd where the YUNG’s resident was located is again For Sale! http://www.myhome.ie/219185

Was a frequent visitor there!! Appreciations to May LAM-YUNG who married cousin Lock. She was and still is a wonderful chef. Stillorgan Rd used to be a 2-lanes road and today it is a 6-lanes highway leading to N1. Was unable to even find the sign for the road name!!

Ospidéal an Rotunda/Rotunda Hospital (1745), Parnell Street, where Linn was born. This bundle of joy arrived 18 Mar 1974 0400hrs. Was praying hard to not get caught in the St Patrick’s Day Parade in O’ Connell St 🙂 🙂 🙂

What a wonderful way to end the day, a 4hrs lunch at The Church**** with John, Stephen & Trisha. Another good memory to add. This most interesting church and it was a functioning St Mary’s Church until 1964. Arthur Guinness, Founder of Guinness Brewery was married here in 1761. Highly recommend anyone to visit this location between the junctions of Mary & Jervis St.

Thanks John for introducing this excellent location and appreciations to Stephen for the drive down memory lane!


But if at church they would give some ale. And a pleasant fire our souls to regale. We’d sing and we’d pray all the live long day, Nor ever once from the church to stray – William Blake

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