Crossing Paths…

26 Jan 2012 – with a Long-Lost Friend!

Wed: the last time Tony crossed my path was in Dublin/Ireland in the early 1970s. Delighted to see him after all these years. An early morning walk on the East Coast with take-out breakfast and then back to my flat to exchange more news and pix. He has been living and has his own business in Melbourne/Australia since the 1970s. Now visiting his mom (over 90yrs) who lives down the road. Tony is the bro of Kitty who was here recently visiting from Africa and whom I have not seen since 1968!

Later met with cousin Wilki & Patty for mutton soap@Tekka Centre, Little India with the best Indian mutton soup filled with cholesterol 🙂

Was so tried that the eyes could not stay open while waiting for Clem. He was so surprised to have to wake me at a bench for our dinner. Pho Hoa Vietnamese***@Suntec hit the spot for the craving of soup. The snooze was needed to be able to have an enjoyable dinner.

Thu: met up with Grace for lunch@The Food Place/City Hall to hear and check out her pix from her month hike on the AT/for the NH & ME sections. Bought back such lovely memories. Tkx Grace for sharing. We will hike the Park Connectors & Green Corridor in SIN when they are completed…

Carrying info, pix, etc from the ancestral hall and house in China to share with Wilki & Patty@Pearl Bank. Tkx cousin for the crabs and durians, king of fruits! Until our paths cross again, safe trip back to HI/USA.

CNY is about yummy food, catching up with family and friends from here there everywhere… that is what makes CNY so special!

My weaknesses have always been food and men, in that order – Dolly Parton

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