Finding Jalan Rasok…

28 Jan 2012 – after nearly 2hrs!

Sat: what an adventure and a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Appreciations to niece JenLeng for gathering her branch of the family (2nd bro’s Kwok Kiong) for a delicious lunch. It has been some years ago since the last visit. Left the flat 1120hrs with bus#135 connecting to E-W Line@Paya Lebar MRT passing 16 stations to change@Jurong East N-S Line 5 stations to Kranji. Then 4 stops on#160 bus.

All those buses & MRT for under S$1/senior fares! It was such a pleasure to be able to walk a green path. Enjoyed the neighbourhood gardens and park.

Nephew JenMun is the eldest, 53yrs of the orange generation (L&M’s generation) and JM son and JL’s son are the eldest/23yrs of the purple generation (grandchildren’s generation). Bro KK passed on in 2000 leaving sis-in-law Geok Siew, niece JL (2 children/KeeYang & QiYing), nephews JM (1 child/SuiChang), JenWee (2 children/Vanessa & Valerie) and JenHong (2 children/YiYan & YiSheng).

So nice to catch up. The purple generation had their own program but since they are all on FB, will be able to keep contact. Wives to JW & JH were busy with their side of the family.

Fri: such a treat to have some quality time with Adeline. Thanks for sharing a salad@Republic Plaza’s basement and tea@TWG Tea Salon & Boutique. What a decadent place to enjoy a pot of tea and a scone in white linen table-cloth and napkins! Great to meet up with the two Lindas from the path of The SIN Shawl days. Thanks for veggie dinner@Fortune Centre and yummy cookies.

One never reaches home, but wherever friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time – Hermann Hesse