LRT System

31 Jan 2012 – Crossing paths with an Angel…

Today was another interesting day. Promised Geno to help her with getting all 164 marketing kit out. This is twice within the last 4 days on the bus and MRT to this area. This time round, changing to the Bukit Panjang LRT System to connect. Being the first experience on the LRT made it into another adventure. The address provided is Senja Link, assuming that the stop would be Senja. Could not find Senja Link on the map@the stop, but Senja Road was well-marked. Followed the main road but just to be sure, stopped to ask for directions.

Usually will have a street directory when visiting unfamiliar areas, but forgot it. And by asking for directions, this young gentleman really made my day. Not only did he bring me all the way to the correct address, he also insisted to buy me breakfast. Ming? is originally from China and he & his family have made SIN their home since early 1990s. If only SIN could have more people like him making their homes here, it would be quite a lovely place to live. Ming, if you are reading this, please contact me. Tkx.

So by helping Geno, the returns were far far beyond any expectations. Geno led me to the correct station (Jelapang) after we were done and seemingly got off one station too early this morning! Thus crossing paths with an angel. Glad for getting off at the wrong station, forgetting street directory and not calling Geno for directions! MRT gives a nice feeling of space during off peak hours 🙂

Appreciations to Geno and to her family for their hospitality with yummy home-cooked food. Good luck Geno for your project!

Mon: lunched@Changi Airport, meeting with Angelina, Kurt and baby Kiefer (50 days young) who is as cute as a button, They were on transit from KCH/Sarawak returning to BRU/Belgium. Safe journeys and all the best.

The longest journey of any person is the journey inward – Dag Hammarskjold