Hi & Bye@the 5th Airport!

10 Nov 2011 – to 15th Uncle and cousin Susannah from Vancouver

Dep 8 Nov 0730hrs CAE-ATL, flying time 40min. Thank you Linn for driving me to this charming airport, the only airport I have been with white rocking chairs!

Arr ATL with 1hr layover. Lovely blue sky with unexpected fall colours in GA. Did not know that the fall colours went as far south as GA! Dep ATL 0930hrs@A18, same gate A18 and same plane from CAE. Good of the pilot to clean the wind screen so that he can see where he is flying πŸ™‚

Arr JKF after 1hr 40mins from CAE with 4hrs 40mins layover in JFK and it took me 76 days to hike from GA-NY!! 1st time flying in at this angle with the water on the RH and blue sky! Beautiful. Amazing that anyone can find their way in JFK’s 8 terminals. And that is only 1 out of 3 airports for NYC! JFK has been listed the 7th most hated airport!!


Arr PEK 13hrs 40mins flying time from JFK. 1st experience@PEK airport, big, clean and spacious! Even had showers, FOC in the International Terminal but you need your own towel. Not having one, showered@the Capital Airport Hotel and had to pay CNY150/S$30. Expensive but just shows how desperate I was for a shower after crossing the Pacific!

Arr SIN 10 Nov 0600hrs after 6hrs 10mins in the air. Arranged previously to meet up with 15th uncle and cousin Susannah as they were coincidently leaving on the same plane that flew me back to SIN. They have been visiting SIN the past 18 days and we made time to say hi and bye! Safe journeys to them.

SIN airport has been listed 2nd most loved airport with HKG in first place! In this case disagree with CNN. Still prefer SIN to HKG. Only thing missing is shower, like PEK airport. In future, will try to remember to have a tiny towel in the carry-on πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Total flying time-21hr 30mins, layovers-12hrs 15mins. After 33hrs 15mins, safe and sound in SIN. Hibernating the rest of winter to feel whole again but struggling to stay awake for another 1hr and it is now not even 2100hrs here in SIN…

CAE-ATL-JFK Delta Airlines on mileage, using 21,000 SkyMiles but had to pay US$25/S$33 for one check-in baggage not exceeding 50lbs/23kgs. Did abit of shopping with the bag weighing 42lbs/19kg Β (usually travel with max 15kg!) – could have shopped more… NOT πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

JFK-PEK-SIN: Air China US$750/S$966, the most expensive ticket Β for this year!

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  1. Atlanta is not south of Columbia–they are west of us and also on the Fall Line–hence, the nice colors. If you ever end up flying through Charlotte, NC, I think they also have rocking chairs. My favorite airports to wait at (as if there is ever such a thing!) are the ones with playgrounds, like Cincinnati. πŸ™‚

  2. Appreciations to Linn for the info. Love comments like these as I get to learn something. Good idea with play grounds in the airports, especially when traveling with children. Thanks Linn.

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