Pampered Chef & Packing

7 Nov 2011 – I hate packing…

Sun: Reminder for those in EST zone Daylight saving time happened last night… that clock is on my wish list 🙂

The family was at their church Sun morning. The pix is another church/the Salvation Army Church near the house. Such a lovely combination of the blue sky, fall colours and the interesting architectural for another Kodak moment!

In the afternoon Linn hosted The Pampered Chef Party: A Taste of Italy with fresh homemade Artisian Bread, cheese and wine created by Sarah COLET. Except that Sarah was ill and could not make it to the party! Tkx to her husband for delivering the yummy bread. Hope that she is feeling better

Checked out the new Fall Catalog for seasonal gift ideas, the measuring spoon seems a good gift to receive and give away. Will order a couple of them. Linn bought me the collapsible bowls in 2009 and the food chopper in 2010 and they are both useful items.

A nice idea for the family to dine in the main dinning room (usually we eat in at the kitchen table) for Sun since I will be leaving! So a kind of early thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for and will miss them all. Last minute shopping Mon, a jewelry party in the evening. Flight takes off bright and early Tue morning to NYC via PEK to SIN!

Aghhhh…  packing 🙁

Selemat Hari Raya Haji to the Muslim community. For those going on their Hajj pilgrimage, safe journeys!

Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away – Ben Hecht

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