Eat Pray Love

22 Oct 2010 – The Fury of Megi

China Airlines, no complains. Cheap Tickets had somehow booked me from HNL via NRT with an overnight in TPE/Taiwan, been thru’ 18 airports the past 3 months! Typhoon=Cantonese/Chinese literally means Big Wind Megi, fortunately did not make it to TPE and after a night@Hotel Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, the plane took off on schedule and arrived with no delays in hazy SIN. To family & friends in HKG & Guangzhou area, stay indoors this weekend and do not tempt fate by being out with Megi which has been forecast to hit the coast of S China. Also a safe weekend to all.

Been there, done that, was the feeling after reading parts of the book (in Norway) and watched the whole movie Eat Pray Love***being an admirer of Julia Roberts was enough reason to spent S$4! What & why is it that some women, including myself have problems with finding a balance in relationships? In Asia especially, women are brought up to take much consideration to others, so much so that we forget ourselves. Some thrive and live their lifes to please others. Total respect and admiration to them, but people are different and I am certainly not one of those 🙂

Reading Traveling with Pomegranates****by Sue Monk KIDD and Ann Kidd TAYLOR; a mother and daughter’s journeys to sacred places and coming to terms with themselves and with each other. Bought it at HNL airport after discovering that she also wrote The Secret Lifes of Bees and that she lives in SC. Bought some pomegranates when I was in Croatia that sparked off a conversation with some English tourists who has never seen or known of pomegranates! Today the pomegranates are known for the antioxidants effects. The bible has many referral to them and the Chinese associate them with fertility!

Tried the very best to teach my two daughters to find the balance and I believe they are learning and coping much better than their mother ever did. It is thru’ them where I learnt the balance. Thank you Linn & May. Talked about the balance to some of the students in HNL with hopes that they too will find their balance to better relationships with parents, family, friends, co-workers, acquaintance etc.

A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache – Catherine the Great

2 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love

  1. It still puzzles me why many of my friends hate the book, absolutely hate it. I quite like it actually. And will definitely watch the movie when it comes out on DVD, for I quite like Julia Roberts too.

  2. Found the book rather slow, but then I was reading it in Norwegian. Will see if it does anything to me in English! The movie was so-so, did not flash any lightbulb for me!

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