American Dentistry

6 Oct 2010 – Recharging!

The past 3 months of traveling must have lowered some resistance from my system… a tooth infection on top of an awful cough and cold. Strangely enough, 4 months hiking on the AT and I was as fit as a fiddle, but that was 5yrs ago! Being in nature without the stress of cities, airport schedules and over-crowding is a healthier way to live. Glad to have a few calm days with Linn & family to enjoy the grandchildren, hoping that some of their energy will rub on to their grandmother 🙂

Mon: Dr Patrick Daley must be one of the best dentists and he is also the dentist for Linn & family. Having been to dentists in SE Asia, Europe and USA, I still believe that USA has the best dentistry. Had a tooth infection in Croatia… thanks to Peggy, a GP who provided me with antibiotic which was great a help. Linn got me a 0800hrs appointment to see Patrick at his new dental clinic which is equipped with the latest high-tech instruments. It was comfortable enough to get X-ray without having to bite into bite-wings which jabbed into your gums. Before getting a shot of anesthetic, the gum is numbed with some gel which helped to not feel too much of the shot. Also a TV screen with your choice of channel to distract you from the fear of any discomfort!

By 0900hrs, the infected tooth which was scaled, cleaned and padded with more antibiotic. Thank goodness, nothing too serious, but I will certainly return to do my teeth cleaning here yearly where they really put an effort to scale and clean the teeth. Thanks Patrick for being such a good dentist in every way.

Tue: Sophie went for her shots, poor baby and she did not even cry until her second shot! Clear blue sky… beautiful weather with cool nights. How blessed to be here with Linn & family. Wished May could be here too.

For there was never yet philosopher
That could endure the toothache patiently –
William Shakespeare from
Much Ado About Nothing