A Touching Story

18 Oct 2010 – Boat People

Sat: Christine & Kevin TRAN met at a Thai refugee camp. As Boat People, both had struggled hard to escape Vietnam in the 1980s… she was then in her late teens and he in his early 20s. Fate brought Kevin to Mississippi and there he worked hard and managed to sponsor Christine over. They got married, built his first fishing boat Capt-Kevin and are blessed with 3 children. Later he sailed to HI on Capt-Kevin. Today they have two fishing boats-Lady Christine I & II, two sons who completed their universities and hold good jobs in CA. Their youngest and only daughter, Jennifer is in HCC and I have faith that she too will good well and complete her studies.

Thank you to the TRANS for sharing their story and for including us to their home-coming and out-going sea-faring ceremony. It was interesting and educational to be on Lady Christine II. May their journeys be smooth sailing and their catch be bountiful.

To Laine TANGONAN (2010 HCC student), knowing how busy her work schedules (2 jobs) and school are, thanks for wanting to take time to stop by. Stay focus in the Present! till we meet again. Good luck and good wealth to her & Jennifer TRAN.

David, Wilki & Patty WONG, their gracious hospitality is most appreciated. LAM cousins, wishing both the very best. With gratitude for their time and attention: HCC 2004 students Huang, Kim, Lisa (thanks for brunch@the Hau Tree Lanai/Kaimana Beach Hotel. Good fortunes to Adriane ALFONSO for his new business with the dental designs: www.esthetichawaii.com  Aloha & mahalo.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day
Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime
Chinese Proverb


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