10 Oct 2010 –  FB comments

My laptop is in SIN time… it is now 0433hrs in HI. After 4 airports CAE, ORD, SEA, HNL, it certainly feels like zombie time for me! Strange to remember that I first got married on this day 41yrs ago!! Posting some comments from Richard YUNG to confirm that jet-lag has finally caught up with me in paradise on 10-10-10!!! Was good to see cousin’s face when I surprised him. Thanks to all non-party poopers, especially to Huang, Lisa and to Kim who could not make it but yesterday Huang drove us to catch up with her.

  • Richard Yung 

    Somehow deducing from your posts in the last few weeks… you went to Alohaland from Limeyland, which means you must have flown OVER and past Yankieland had you flown West! On the other hand, had you flown East from Limeyland, you would have passed over Singyland… and possibly Honkyland and Sukiyakiland before getting to Alohaland?! 

    So… which way did you go? East or West? In any case, you sure collected some serious frequent flyer points… Asia Miles? Am I confusing you? Good… haha
  • Amy Lam 

    With my jet-lag, everything seems clear… flown from SIN land to EU where I was lost for 3 months. Swam (in my mind) across to the BIG APPLE where the airports there are really in LOWland!! CAE is an airport for grandmother, with white rocking chairs! Then across YankieLand, now in the middle of some water on top of some volcano 🙂
  • Dreams….come..true……. in Blue… Hawa…a…a…i

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost – JRR Tolkien

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