8 Oct 2010 – Bye for now my adorable grandkids

Thank you Linn & Jeff for putting up with me the past week and thank you to the grandchildren for a delightful time. The art of being a decent grandparent, parent, friend, guest etc is to be positive, help around and NOT to overstay one’s welcome 🙂
A rolling stone gathers NO moss – Proverb

Wed: had lunch with Katy at Irmo Elementary School (Ellie also in the same school but they were having nap-time) and did some shopping. USA is certainly a consumers’ nation with all the choices, varieties and the not so out-of-range prices, especially brand-names at outlet stores. Even Gator got her Halloween outfit!

Thu: Linn chaperoned Ellie’s field trip to the zoo while I took care of JohnW & Sophie. It did not seem that long ago (1986) that May volunteered me to chaperoned a field-trip to Griffith Observatory in LA when she was in first grade in CA. Of course she does not remember that!

Cousin David WONG turned 70yrs 6 Oct, so I decided to surprise him by stopping in HNL/Honolulu. Thanks to Lisa XIAO for offering to pick me up at the airport and thanks to YY HUANG for arranging the pot-luck.

By the time this posting is circulated, will be en route to HNL via ORD/Chicago (4hrs lay-over), SEA/Seattle (3hrs layover) and over 12hrs of flying time. Lisa will pick me at HNL airport and drive me straight to surprise my cousin at the pot-luck party! Call me on my mobile in USA: +1 97861 54375 if you require more info but please do not be a party-pooper to squeal on me! David thinks I am somewhere in Croatia, so let’s hope that he has a strong heart 🙂

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