30 Jul 2010 – Greetings from Spain

Arrived in Alicante ALC/Spain and 86km drive along the Costa Blanca, is the splendid seaside resort of Calpe, overlooked by one of the best loved landmarks of the Costa Blanca region – the Peñon de Ifach, Calpe is a very busy holiday resort, with a local population of around 26,000 (this of course rises considerably during the busy the summer months of July and August). Calpe is situated within the Communidad de Valencia.

Rita & Jürgen KOETKE met me at the airport. Rita and I go way back to the early 1960s when we were schooling in CHIJ Victoria St. She now lives in Calpe and has been living here for over 30yrs, lucky her! Great to catch up after all these years and good to meet her German husband.

Spent my first day lazing around their lovely house, swimming in the pool and driving around sight-seeing the area.  Yesterday, walked along the beach.

A pleasant drive to Denia Marina (20km from Calpe) app 29,000 habitants, Denia does not only make their living from tourism, it possesses one of the most important harbors of the area, with ferry connections to Ibiza, Mallorca and others.  

The pictures uploaded are done in Rita’s computer and not sure how to fix the colours. Will try to go back and fix them when I know what I am doing!

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil… (and do no evil!) – Analects of Confucius

9 thoughts on “Calpe/Spain

  1. Alicante! Was there so many years ago; almost a lifetime ago. Are the sunflower fields still in bloom? And do they still bring wine bottles to the supermache or corner store to fill up, like we did in the old days in Singapore with soy sauce — the latter mayb be4 your time.

  2. Am not in Alicante but app 86km from Alicante, Calpe. No sunflower fields here! And no you cannot bring your wine bottles to the be filled… but you can bring the bottles to the wineyards to be filled.

  3. Dear Amy,
    Am so so glad to have found your posting about Rita Jurgen.
    They are my very long time friends from the early 70s, I’ve been looking for them the past 20 odd years.
    We’re neighbours in Holland Road and my name is Phyllis Smith aka Phyllis Rogers
    Could you please forward my contacts to them?

    Many thanks,


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