27 Jul 2010 – En route to Alicante ALC/Spain via KL & London

The only disadvantage with budget airlines is that the connecting times are not so convenient, but why worry where there is no rush and the fares are affordable! Left SIN with Tiger Airways for KUL S$44, layover of 5hrs but was the first to check in on AirAsia from KL to London. The fare from KUL to Stansted/STN, S$490. No complains, both airlines were on time and even landed earlier than scheduled! Let’s see if the European budget airlines will be just as efficient. At present@STN airport where I have 10hrs layover and good time to up-date my blog 🙂

Memories from the 13hrs flight: it was exactly 45yrs ago when I flew from SIN-DUB via London/Heathrow airport LHR in a VC10 aircraft. A naive, insecure, etc 15yrs old then, and feeling lost with people in suits, even I was in a green suit. (Yesterday I was in a pair of green pants and green T-shirt!). An English boy about my age talked to me when he realized that I was not too comfortable. He told me that his name was Keith and he was on his way home to his farm in UK and kept chatting with me for hours. Upon arriving at LHR, I vaguely heard an announcement paging for a passenger LAM but not quite comprehending the Brits, I did not dare to ask. Only later did I pick up my courage to approach the info desk  to find out that my sister, Joyce was trying to see me as she was in London. Alas the meeting did not take place!

There is a great traveling accessory shop/The Tie Rack here using the same tag-line as me… Life’s a Journey! So many nice things in this shop, thank goodness I am traveling budget and every kilo over 15kg will cost a fortune!! The choice between food or shopping? Those who know me will know the answer! How times have changed and we have to move along but hopefully some of the old but good values will move along with us even if they go thru’ some evolutions. Compassion and decency are the few values which should always be with us.

As a consequence, geneticists described evolution simply as a change in gene frequencies in populations, totally ignoring the fact that evolution consists of the two simultaneous but quite separate phenomena of adaptation and diversification – Ernst Mayr

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