Lucas’s Bday Brunch

24 Jul 2010 – Chinese Swimming Club

Grand nephew Lucas turned two yesterday. Today his mom & dad celebrated his day for the family & friends with a lovely brunch@ The Chinese Swimming Club Tung Lok Classics**** The yellow balloon was but a short moment but the delicious chocolate bday cake made up for it! A cake decorated with his favorite cars & tractors which were his first words in his vocabulary… even before mamma & dadda 🙂

Great to catch up who Paul, David‘s brother who is studying in Cork/Ireland and now back in Malaysia for the summer. Was it really a year ago when we first met at Lucas 1st Bday? Paul hiked a part of the Camino that I also wanted to hike. Thank you Pat & David for a wonderful gathering of family & friends from Malaysia & SIN and for the yummy food.

The Chinese Swimming Club brought back memories from the 1950s when the pool was part of the sea but fenced-off, thus keeping fish etc out of the pool. It was like swimming in the sea without getting caught with seaweeds etc but that also meant that when the tide was out, there was not enough water to swim in the pool! Today, the new building (built partly on reclaimed land) for the club, restaurant and fresh water pool is across the road from the original but renovated building.

A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it – Jerry Seinfeld

5 thoughts on “Lucas’s Bday Brunch

  1. i was at the club recently for mother’s day lunch, and it was certainly knowing part of the club was built on reclaim land?

  2. My father-in-law has a postcard of the swimming club in the 50s, bought when he was in the navy and visited Singapore. The postcard shows that the club was right next to the ocean, just like what you said here. I still can’t believe how far inland it has moved since the 50s.

  3. Hey Viv… tkx for stopping by. Do try and scan the postcard if you have the chance. Would love to see it. En route to Spain, Norway & Croatia. Will post pix.

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