Costa Blanca/Spain

1 Aug 2010 – Ifach

Aug Special Dates:

5 Aug – Happy Bday LAM ChengEn

9 Aug – Happy 45th Bday SIN

21 Aug – Guri & Hans Olav’s wedding day

What is happening… floods in China & Pakistan, fires in Russia, cool weather in SIN???

Fri: Rita & Jürgen had their Scandinavian friends over for drinks and finger food… great to meet the Norwegians and the Swedes.

The fresh produce market here is quite something.

Sat: boating & swimming all day along Costa Blanca. From whichever direction you approach Calpe, the dominating view seawards is of the Peñon de Ifach, a 332 metre rock that, has been used since Phoenician times as a defensive standpoint against pirates and Barbary raiders. It is now a Nature reserve (since 1987) and provides a shelter for a number of rare plants and home to over 300 species of animals including colonies of sea birds that use it as a nesting ground. Also the largest single rock in the Mediterranean called the Northern Rock by the Phoenicians to distinguish it from the Southern Rock at Gibraltar.

Sun: The sea is wonderful… so wonderful that I got sun-burnt on my back as I forgot to put sun-protection on my back yesterday 🙁 This morning a walk around the shady side of the Ifach and there, two crazy rock climbers (last pix: zoom in and you will find two tiny figures, ie your eye-sight is still good!). Risking their lives is one thing but… inconveniencing others if anything happens is entirly another issue!

If mankind doesn’t kill himself first on a mountain, he may just learn how to inhabit the Earth as god planned – Editorial in News after the ascent of the Nose 

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  1. Yes the fresh produce market here is wonderful. I went crazy and wanted to buy everything…

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