3 Seng Poh Road

22 Jun 2010 – Crab Delicacy****

Nice to meet new faces from the USA who are here on business with SIN Airlines. The group will be in town for 24hrs… a long way to fly for a meeting! Thanks to Irene HO, had the chance to taste these delicious chili & pepper crabs located on 265 Outram Rd. The crabs were fresh, the pigeons and bamboo clams were very tasty too. This stretch or row houses have been here as far as my memory can rewind. Even the small one-story white house next to #265 which was a dancing school then is still standing.

Took a walk down memory lane around the area. 3 Seng Poh Rd was at one time in the hands of the LAM family (1940s-1960s). Cousins Lock, Yun & Chai who have immigrated to Canada used to live there. It is now the New Cape Inn and Fook Weng Seafood Restaurant. Opposite #3 during the Japanese Occupation in the 1940s was where my brothers sneaked to pick up the fallen grains of rice and where sister Jo saw the water-torture. The atrocities from those days are still in the memories of those who have experienced or witnessed them; never pleasant to hear but hopefully never to be repeated. There is a saying where war & love are concerned, there is no fairness or justice, how true! So, will stay with peace & compassion!!

Next to #3 is the famous bird singing corner. There was a small temple across the road at the traffic lights but has recently been replaced with a boutique hotel (opposite the beautiful tree). Where the yellow taxi is standing, there used to be my favourite prawn noodle soup stall which was a push-cart where the whole kitchen was wheeled around with wooden chairs strapped around the cart. Prawn noodle was the only dish he sold and was usually sold out by 1000hrs. Today beside Jo‘s home-cooked prawn noodle, the only other one which can be compared to my 1950s push-cart favourite is @Blanco Court Prawn Mee**** Beach Rd.

You cannot teach a crab to walk straight – Aristophanes

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    • Atrocities at wartime are no jokes. It happened, even how much we wished it did not. Hopefully by telling about it can prevent it from happening again.

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