SIN from the Air

14 Jun 2010 – Happy Bday Anne WONG-HOLLOWAY

Back in SIN again but not for long…

This is a seldom time for me to fly into SIN in daylight and with a view that I can see the new Marina Bay Sands in the hazy background. At the cost of S$4.9bil, this 50-storey hotel has a two-acre sky gardens bridging the three towers… to me it looks like a giant surf-board! For S$20, the SkyPark offers a breathtaking, panoramic city-sea vista from a public observation deck. This is the 2nd casino to be opened in SIN, the 1st being the S$5.2bil Resort World@Sentosa. These two resorts will create 35,000 jobs. How will SIN handle the future gambling problems… inevitable! and the influx of foreign workers? These challenges are not easy and there will be a price to pay. At present the cost of living is high enough as it is 🙁 These panoramic views are many billions$ wow… so enjoy the views while they last!

Probably will not live to see the consequences but for now will try to enjoy my stay whenever I am here. Strangely and thank goodness this seldom exceeds more a month! Somehow it is getting more difficult to really appreciate people who have become overwhelmingly loud and lacking courtesy. The heat and the ambiance feel like a pressure cooker! Where and when there is not enough space in addition to too much competition in a rat-race society, many people unfortunately turn into rats too!! Maybe after 10 years here in SIN, is it again time to move on? The cross-road and turning-point seems to fall around after a decade… prefer the life of a cat than the life of a rat, the cat has 9 lifes 🙂

Glad that both Linn & May have chosen to live in the USA and in Norway.

City-states don’t survive that long. They have flashes of brilliance for 50 years, 100 years, then they go. The eternal challenge for SIN is how do we ensure that what we’ve had for these past 40 years is not just a brilliant flash that just goes away – Mahbubani/former UN ambassador