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23 May 2010 – Happy Bday to niece Yasmine

Cousin David WONG, his Japanese friend Akira and two young female students, Jennifer & LaiLane from Honolulu Community College arrived Fri night, the smallest group for his last tour as he approaches his 70th bday. He claims that he will retire after this trip but will believe that when it really happens! They had one night lay-over in Taipei/Taiwan to ease the jet-lag. It is always a pleasure to show SIN off, especially to first time visitors. Am I just getting older or do the students seem younger nowadays?? 🙂 David who lectures at the HCC has been taking groups of students to visit different parts of SE Asia and China as far as I can remember. Was fortunate to be included in his 2004 trip which was an educational experience and fun to be with some of the students. Huang, Kim and Lisa are still in contact with me and whenever I am in Hawaii, we meet up and have a great time.

Met this small new group early yesterday by the SIN River, walked to the Fullerton Hotel, Merlion Park, Esplanade, City Link and Bugis. Thank goodness for the grey sky and the light rain. Left them to do their shopping after lunching@Bianco Court Prawn Mee**** on Beach Rd. The Sat shopping crowds would have caused my life or someone else’s life if I had to go along!! Dinner@No Signboard Seafood Restaurant**** in Geylang, the red light district. The restaurant that proudly proclaimed the ‘No Signboard Seafood’ brand story that when they started out at Mattar Rd, they were so poor then that they could not afford a signboard. As the popularity increased, people would come around looking for the ‘no signboard restaurant’. After a while, the name stuck.

I would gladly do it but I am suffering from social phobia. I cannot manage being in a crowd of people – Elfriede Jelinek

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