The Last Song***

20 May 2010 – Safe journeys Paul

Paul flew back to London yesterday. Let’s hope that the skies will be cleared so that he can land safely and in time back to his wife and his sweet two and a half years daughter. We finally managed to catch up with 7 years of news over a few dinners and lunch. Plans to stop by in London this Sep to meet with Lillian & Annabelle.

Mon: 17th May Norway’s Constitution and National Day with fond memories of the children’s parades, hot-dogs, ice-cream and sodas. Celebrated ten 17th Mays in Norway and enjoyed all of them/posting 17th May 2009. Here in SIN, it was an ordinary working day, unless working in a Norwegian company! Was at Ikea later to pick up some Norwegian salmon and mustard sauce to get in the mood, but somehow just could not feel it. Instead went to check out on nephew Clement‘s HDB which he just bought. Good location and more than enough space for a single guy.

The Last Song*** chick flick and a real tear jerker, have your tissues ready if you are planning to watch it! Beautiful scenes from Tybee Island in Georgia/USA and the first movie shot there. A cute comment between a young son and his father… son: Mom says its because she has PMS. Father: Do you even know what PMS is? Son: Of course I do dad, I’m not a little kid anymore. It’s the Pissed At Men!

Yesterday at the National Dental Care to get the gums removed around a molar which is chipped and to be crowned… ouch, both physically and financially 🙁 but better than losing a tooth and cheaper than an implant. And it has taken much energy away for the day. Today still on the tired side. Somehow age seems to wear and tear down every part of the body and it is not going to be easy but hope that the healthy living will at least slow down the process and with less pain. Eventually we all have to go, but please let me go with grace and dignity!

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing – Michael Pritchard