Views of SIN

24 May 2010 –  From the Beginning to the Top!

Sun: VivoCity/怡丰城 opened in 2006 is the largest shopping mall in SIN/posting 28 Dec 2009. This area never fails to trigger childhood memories as this is the area I was born in and spent the first 15yrs of my life here/picture of Vivo under construction 2005, all the green background was my childhood playgrounds! Todays Resort World and Universal Studios are opened and I have still to really venture into those territories, again fear of the crowd and heat! The only reason I would go there is to see Dale Chihully’s glass sculptures. The two students went wild with their shopping while we, the older generation! found somewhere for a quiet drink to solve the future generation problems 🙂

Bugis again for the young people and being decadent, we chilled at the Intercontinental Hotel. Talk about fate, the young waitress who served us is from the Philippines is studying Hotel & Catering Management and doing her 6 months internship here. LaiLane ( HCC student with Philippines origins) and her chat to discover that they are related and even has the same last name! They got connected and exchanged contacts.

How many times do I have to convince and persuade my relatives that the SIN Flyer/posting 24 Nov 2008 & 20 Feb 2009 is well-worth a round, even at the cost of S$29.90 for half an hour ride to have one of the best SIN views? Especially when it is ranking the highest flyer in the world and that will not last for long, but still a better deal than betting in the two new casinos! Cousin insisted that if I do not go into the capsule with his group he will not be in it. For me, a SIN senior citizen S$23.60 is better than no deal!! This is my 3rd round but it still gives me a thrill to see how fast, not the ride but the skyline have changed since the last round. A French student commented that he was here 3yrs ago doing a semester at the U and these changes are too impressive for words. Somehow all these changes remind me of this quote:

Do not confuse motion and progress, a rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress – Alfred Montapert