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17 Feb 2010 – Dignity

The following blogs are read regularly by me as I enjoy these well written and informative blogs.

Met blurting at one of my AT Talks and we became friends. Singaporegirl is an ex-journalist and a friend of a friend who help to set up my blog and now a friend of mine too. Both are writers from SIN. Evolvingexp bought my book and is an Australian writer who used to lived near the AT in the USA but has recently moved back to Australia to be with his aging mother. Blurting mentioned that I am not emotional in my blog and she is right about it.

Experiences over the decades have taught me that being emotional can result to unintentional actions or words which might hurt others. The purpose of my blog is to update happenings in my life and for acknowledgements to family & friends, not the place & time to be emotional. Therefore the need to excise common-sense and self-censorship is my priority. One of my post, Aug Special Dates/1 Aug 2009 where I commented about 2 movies,  A Frozen Flower & Lust Caution has been most active. Probable reasons- the word lust is mentioned, an example how misleading certain words are!

Yesterday a conversation with my god-sister, Pat LIM (a writer) about the teething problems with having to adapt in a new country and culture were discussed. I voiced my sentiments about even returning to one’s roots can have similar problems with adapting when one has been away for extended period of time. She commented that she did not think that I needed to adapt as I always did what I wanted to do and she also has a point there. I do what I want to do as long as there are no intended premeditation to hurt or harm anyone. Hopefully some of us do take certain consideration to our family & friends as we do not live on a deserted island. Living a life to only take consideration of others has never been or ever will be my choice. Some people thrive on being needed or of service to others and that is admirable.

Thoughts about the movie The Painted Veil**** where a nun was talking about how she fell in love with her religion in her younger years. She explained how her duty to her faith was not an easy journey but in her later years, she learnt that dignity is with you when duty & love becomes one. How many of us are so blessed and fortunate to have that dignity? How often do our actions and words reflect on our commitments, duties and obligations but how often do these commitments, duties and obligations truly come from the heart? Hmmm… profound & provoking thoughts for the Tiger Year 🙂

Your hearts know in silence the secrets of days & nights – Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Tks for yr mention. Hope I’m more a fren than a fren of a fren, 😉

    Btw, it would be gd when u mention my site to give me a “live” link there la! Yes, I m that greedy. ^——–^

  2. Thanks for reading… and hope that blurting does not mind me giving live to her link too!

    Glad to know I am not the only one who knows what I want 🙂

  3. Thank you to you 2 for wanting to be on my blog… I am flattered. The 3 of us must meet up.

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