10 Nov 2009 – Movie Buff’s Ratings!

The German Film Festival starts tomorrow and I have tickets for 4 shows. Here are my personal ratings for below:

Coraline (animated 3D)** A young girl explores her new home and stumbles upon a mysterious secret door that seems to lead to an adventure which turns dangerous. Interesting 3D effects but for me, a headache at the end of the movie. The previews for A Christmas Carol (3D) seems good, but do not know if I can cope with another headache!

My Sisters Keeper** Tear jerker! Anna was brought into the world to be a genetic match for her older sister, Kate, who suffers from leukemia. When Kate goes into renal failure at age 13. Knowing that she will have to donate one of her kidneys to her sister, Anna sues her parents for medical emancipation and the rights to her own body.

The Song of Sparrows**** Iranian movie about Karim, a man who works at an ostrich farm outside of Tehran. He leads a simple and contented life with his family, until one day when one of the ostriches runs away. Karim is fired for the loss. He travels to the city to repair his elder daughter’s hearing aid but finds himself mistaken for a motorcycle taxi driver. His generous and honest nature changed with this new profession.

Love Happens** Widower Burke, whose book about grieving turns him into a phenomenon. Reinvented as a charismatic self-help guru, he falls for Eloise at a seminar and is forced to confront the fact that he hasn’t come to grips with his own loss.

Capitalism*** This documentary explores the root causes of global economic meltdown. Michael Moore described the corporate and political shenanigans as ‘the biggest robbery in the history of this country’ – the massive transfer of US taxpayer money to private financial institutions.

The Adjuster* (SFSociety): Noah is a sensitive insurance adjuster who takes care of the psychological and physical needs of his clients. Hera, Noah’s wife, is a film censor who secretly records the pornographic films that she rates in order to show them to her older sister. Got rather lost among the dysfunctional people!

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