7 Oct 2009 – Happy Bday Leslie LAM

Leslie & Ivy were in Rome for a wedding and have returned and probably jet-lagged. Looking forward to see some pictures. Came across these exciting gadgets which amazed me and hope to see them on the market very soon. Have been looking around for a notebook but if the D-Roll succeed, will drop the notebook! Word of caution: Cyber-crooks have managed to hack into Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail accounts, so take precautions.

Hot Prototypes: Tomorrow’s Coolest Gadgets Today//D-Roll Laptop (image courtesy of Hao Hua)

Flexible displays mean exciting new product designs that can look beyond books for inspiration. As a student at Purdue University in Indiana, Hao Hua came up with a design for a laptop that rolls up into a shape similar to that of a mailing tube. The screen and keyboard slide out, and the open design relies on airflow to keep the electronics cool and quiet. A built-in shoulder strap provides a fashionable and convenient way to carry the machine.

Can’t wait till this cool D-Roll laptop is on the market at a reasonable price. Check out the latest from this site

As men get older, the toys get more expensive – Marvin Davis

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