Dear Zachary*****


11 Oct 2009 – A Letter to a Son about his Father

Joined the SIN Film Society over the weekend and was introduced to this most thought-provoking and mind-bogging documentary I have ever seen. It brought real sadness and tears to the eyes and besides being human, like Kate, I am also a mother and grandmother. My heart goes out to Kate & David Bagby with full admiration and respect for what they have been put through; how they dealt with the situation and David’s best selling book- Dance with the Devil.

Synopsis: 5 Nov 2001, Dr Andrew Bagby was murdered in W Pennsylvania; the prime suspect, his ex-girlfriend Dr Shirley Turner who promptly fled the USA for St John’s, Canada, where she announced that she was pregnant with Andrew’s child. She named him Zachary.

Begun as a sort of cinematic scrapbook on his best friend, Andrew Bagby, to his son Zachary, film maker Kurt Kuenne cobbled together the film from hundreds of hours of footage into a deeply personal yet investigative film on his friend’s murder. Although it is a documentary, it plays like ‘a true-crime story so gripping, devastating and ultimately unforgettable that it easily trumps any thriller Hollywood has to offer this year’. The film ultimately goes beyond criminal investigation into a reflection on the Canadian justice system.

To family, friends and your friends in Canada, please try to watch the whole of this documentary. Then question your Canadian justice system. To try to prevent any more similar incidents, please write in with hopes that the flaws in the system will be amended. & Dear Zachary (2008) Movie Trailer. to buy the DVD.