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6 Oct 2009 – Climate & Other Changes

Happy 95th Bday to 4th aunt, LAM Poh Kow who is the eldest surviving member from my father’s generation. Glad to see cousin WONG Wai Kit who is here from Hawaii to celebrate his mother’s bday. Kit & I used roamed every inch of Temenggong Road and Mt Faber areas in the 1950s. He lives in Honolulu with wife Pattie & son Daniel and it was only recently that he has returned for visits since he left SIN in 1960.

The 2004 tsunami when so many lives were claimed and so many families were affected are still fresh in the memory. 2006/7 Linn & family were in Banda Aceh where Jeff helped to build up the medical clinic were one of the most worrying times for meJohn W was just born then and he will be 3 next month.

Mother Nature is again throwing her fury. Today, Indonesia is devastated with earthquake, Philippines flooded with typhoon, Samoa’s tsunami has also claimed some deaths, World Bank calls for urgent deals on climate changes and guess what is happening in SIN? Convicted of credit card fraud, Miss SIN is serving probation. She is no longer Miss SIN but Miss LOW… her name being Ris Low! People like her is a bad rep for women. Instead of apologizing and resigning discreetly she stoops lower by being defensive, thus adding fuel to the fire! What an embarrassment to those for not doing their research and homework in their jobs!

This has really sunken to a new Low! any more attention given to them is a complete waste of time, especially in the face of life and death issues in the region. These “beauty queens” should also grow up and concern themselves with how to do some good to those who need help now. Posted by: sophisticat1 at Mon Oct 05 07:23:19 SGT 2009

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. Amazing… your aunt is 95 years old. As for Ris Low… I don’t know. She’s still young and I’m quite sure I’ve done equally silly things in the past – except not at a national level. Hahahahaha…

    Live and let live, but live a good life. 🙂

  2. Most of us have done silly things in our youth, but hopefully one learns from the mistakes, even if you get away with them.

    But in this case… what can I say but to quote the saying ‘against stupidly and ignorance, even god fight in vain’

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