28 Sep 2009 – Tan Kah Kee 陳嘉庚

RTHK/Radio Television Hong Kong is to remain a government department and its 300 contract staff will become civil servants, a source said Tue. The announcement, which will end years of sometimes heated argument as to whether the station should become a public broadcaster. Nearly half the station’s staff have been on contract terms since the debate began more than three years ago. According to the source, these will be absorbed into the civil service. The station will also be able to hire new staff, ending a halt on recruitment.

The NY times 23 Sep – The government announced plans Tuesday for further oversight of the government-owned broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong by a new advisory board that would be named by Donald TSANG, the Beijing-appointed chief executive of Hong Kong. The broadcaster is also to be given money to build a new headquarters in an outlying neighborhood and develop digital broadcasting. Proposals for bigger changes were shelved. These included the creation of an independent entity like the BBC, favored by advocates of an independent news media,or the privatization of RTHK and replacement of its staff, favored by some of Beijing’s allies in Hong Kong. Pro-Beijing politicians contend RTHK has many pro-democracy holdovers from British rule, which ended in 1997 – Keith Bradsher


At present RTHK/Anita TONG & her crew are here to do a program about Overseas Chinese featuring on the TAN Kah Kee family. Trying to help by finding them the transportation to the various venues for interviews and photography. TAN Kah Kee’s grand-daughter, Peggy TAN also MD of Hagley & Hoyle was interviewed in her office. It will be a learning experience to watch the makings and the result of this program.

If it weren’t for Philo T Farnsworth, inventor of television, we’d still be eating frozen radio dinners – Johnny Carson

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