Selemat Hari Raya

19 Sep 2009 – Fasting & Feasting!

Happy Bday, Ivy

Happy Bday, Ivy

Wed: Albert CHUA flew in 10 dozens yummy oysters from Adelaide, Australia for Ivy‘s Bday… what a feast with the pink champagne and the excellent wines to go with the rest of the food. Spent the night at Les&Ivy‘s as Lawrence&Mabel arrived from Kuching, Sarawak late in the evening and we had to get up early the next day to pay respect to our parents at the Mandi Crematorium. The Hungry Ghost month will soon be over.

Jo picked us early Thu morning and that really saved time on the highway. Usually it takes me well over an hour (one way) by bus and having to make a change as there are no direct buses from town or from my place. Managed to squeeze in some work before heading to Les&Ivy‘s condo in Sentosa for a family dinner and to spent the night.

It’s certainly not easy to focus on work after two days of ‘high-life feasting’ but reality has to be faced and working this weekend to make sure that there will be some new designs so that the manufacturers in Thailand are able to show us samples of merchandise when we meet in Chiangmai end of the month. This is the long weekend as Hari Raya Puasa/Malay=celebration day of fasting marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. This year it falls on a Sun, thus a public holiday on Mon. Selemat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends. And to the rest- have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

It’s clearly more important to treat one’s fellow man well than to be always praying and fasting and touching one’s head to a prayer mat – Naguib Mahfouz