Il Divo

23 Sep 2009 – Ahhh & Ohhh!

Leslie is in San Francisco for a cardiac conference and wine tasting at Napa Valley, Opus 1 &  Harlan Estate… do not feel sorry that he missed the concert but feel sorry that he lost his mobile. Nowadays, we are so helpless and useless without mobiles and computers. Lucky me, being the recipient for his ticket to the Il Divo concert. A belated Bday dinner for Ivy at Jumbo… yummy lobster, bamboo clams, jellyfish, honey BBQ lamb and half a bottle of champagne.


Never too late or too old for the ahhhs & ohhhs to such beautiful voices and handsome views 🙂 The speakers were on the loud side when all 4 voices sang the crescendos at the same time but they were confined within 4 walls of the Kallang Indoor Stadium, thus not disturbing others who do not enjoy that kind of music. Il divo/Italian=star or celebrity, is a multinational operatic pop vocal group created by music manager, executive and reality TV star Simon Cowell. Formed in the United Kingdom, they are composed of singers Carlos Marin/Spain, Urs Bühler/Switzerland, Sébastien Izambard/France and David Miller/USA.


Thank you Ivy for an enchanting evening.

Whatever deceives men seems to produce a magical enchantment – Plato