10 Sep 2009 – Hawthorn-Singapore

Another AT Thru’ Hike talk hosted by Dr Amy RASHAP, General Manager/Director of Studies at Hawthorn. (Amy & I met when we were stuck at Shanghai airport in July). The ages of the students ranged from 18 and above; from China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and one French lady. Was not sure if they were just shy, or was I talking too fast, this was a large group but no Q&A to conclude the talk.

A school teaching English with a tag line like What should you LOOK for in a SCHOOL that teaches ENGLISH? Perhaps the subject was boring to them or perhaps they were unable to understand my English… (always a first time!). But does it mean that the audience has no interest when communication, feed-back or questions are lacking? Have spoken to smaller high school and boys’ scouts groups and had to spent over 15mins on Q&A!

It was educational to give a talk to a group of ESL/English as a second language. Thank you Amy for the opportunity and safe trip to Poland. In future I will use more pictures if I do another talk to any ESL groups.

I AM is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that I DO is the longest sentence – George Carlin

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