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17 Aug 2009 – May HALD’s Master thesis

The best of luck with all my fingers crossed for May, my second daughter who will be defending her Master’s thesis on Sustainable Urban Development and Chinese Eco-City: Strategies, Policies and Assessments today in Oslo, Norway. 

Sustainable Urban Development and
the Chinese Eco-City
Concepts, Strategies, Policies and Assessmentsin Oslo, Norway today.  All my fingers are crossed for her.                 

Being a movie buff and watching them is part of my life. A Swedish Love Story from 1970 by Roy Andersson (World Cinema Series) and the first weekend of SIN 6th Short Cuts were featured at the National Museum (built 1887 also known as the Raffles Library in 1925). The Cinemathque screenings, especially the Scandinavian ones are not your usual Hollywood type and one has to be in another mind frame to appreciate them. The reality of the darker satire of life can sometimes be too philosophical for light-hearted entertainment.


Memories of the museum from the 1950s when there was no air conditioning are fading fast. After a major renovation and make-over (completed 2006), the museum is cool and vibrant today. Retaining the colonial front facade but bringing this grand building up to date has been tastefully done and the result gives much pleasure to all my visits.

The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder –  Alfred Hitchcock

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