The Curry Murder


13 Aug 2009 – History Happenings

Dec 1984:  an Indian caretaker aged 38 was reported missing. Jan 1987: police received a tip off. Mar 1987: his widow and 3 of her brothers appeared in court to face murder charges but were later released for lack of proof. 

Known as an unrepentant wife-beater, he was a father of 3 who worked as a caretaker in Changi and his wife worked as the caretaker at the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church. Her immediate family were tired of his violence. Determined to put an end to his violence, the family hatched a deceitful plan. They arranged to meet him at the quarters of the church, where he was repeatedly bludgeoned to death.

To destroy all traces of incriminating evidence, his body was then chopped up into pieces. The body parts were then cooked into a curry which was later tied in different plastic bags to be disposed (or otherwise??) all over the island to allay suspicions. Apart from what investigations revealed, the prosecution was unable to prove that it was indeed the family members who caused his death. The cooking pot in which his body parts were allegedly cooked could not be found, leaving no traces of the savage act.

Whenever passing by the location, my mind does wonder what actually happened in the caretaker’s lodge Dec 1984? And why waste curry spices if the intentions were only for disposing??

Countries and states which have capital punishment have a much higher rate of murder and crime than countries that do not, so that makes sense to me, and the moral question… I struggle with it morally  –  Charlize Theron

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