A Frozen Flower & Lust Caution


1 Aug 2009 – Aug special dates!

5th: Happy Bday cousin LAM Cheng En in Shanghai and SIN’s National Day on the 9th, Happy 44th Bday.

Watched a Korean movie, A Frozen Flower*** which reminded me of the uncut version of Lust Caution*** Personally when I watched the cut version first, I liked it. There was such a protest about the cut version in SIN then, that the uncut version had to be released. Did not get the chance or time to see. Bought the DVD and watched it during my Feb USA trip but had to fast forward many of the sex scenes.

Both movies reflect about lust turning to complicated love, with some good acting and so-so story lines but cheapened by too many explicit intimate sex scenes. These touching love stories do not need to be degraded by such prolonged brazen sex scenes which resulted to more of a soft porn… which sells better, action or sex? Probably both to sell best!!

The other unmentioned 5Cs, Causal sex, Cheating, Chemistry, Confusion & Chimera. Logically and for discussion purposes, it is immoral to give and receive bodily pleasure between consenting adults? Is it possible to separate sex without love?? Yes for some and no for others. Confusion between lust and love are not clear or well defined. Hormones too can play games and tricks to the body and mind. At what stage do the body and mind fall in sync with the thoughts. Does maturity has any role???

Basic raw sex can be addiction, egotism, denial, desire, frustration, infatuation, lust, machismo, obligations, physical release, power, etc and other ulterior motives. Is sex with loving emotions, thoughts and wanting to give pleasure to a loved one the ultimate connection? – true love or LaLa Land??

13 Oct 2004 – the newspaper in SIN announced that SIN has one of the lowest libido rate in the world after Japan. Average statistics for intercourse is slightly over 70 times per year! Hmmm… no wonder I lived 40 years away from SIN even if I am not into statistics 🙂 🙂 🙂

A friend from Goa sent this attachment and it took me a split of a second to get it… duh, SLOW!


My reaction to porn films is as follows
After the first ten minutes, I want to go home and screw
After the first 20 minutes, I never want to screw again as long as I live –

Erica Jong