Singapore’s National Day 2009

9 Aug 2009 – National Day Parade NDP

NDP, 国庆庆典-Chinese, Perbarisan Hari Kebangsaan- Malay, தேசிய தின அணிவகுப்பு-Tamil in the 4 official languages here. SIN celebrated its first National Day in 1966, one year after independence from Malaysia, 9 August 1965. That same year 1965 was when my mother died and I was sent to boarding school in Dublin, ie 44 years ago! Over the years the NDP has become the biggest national event here. This year is on a Sun, thus a public holiday tomorrow. Have requested from one of the organisers to borrow the NDP DVD as I have yet to see a complete parade. Thanks to Leslie & Ivy, have been invited to the Bacchus Boat House/Waterboat House across from the Fullerton Hotel, and will be watching the fireworks from there. Looking forward to that.



The Padang and the National Stadium have been the venues until 2 years ago. The Marine Bay Floating Platform/Stadium is the world’s first and largest floating stage. The platform can bear up to 1,070 tonnes, equivalent to the total weight of 9,000 people, 200 tonnes of stage props and three 30-tonne military vehicles. The gallery at the stadium has a seating capacity of 30,000 people. The first major event that was held  on this platform was the NDP August 2007.

Today the NDP will again take place on this platform, Happy 44th Birthday SIN.

The Malay lyrics to the national anthem, Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore) was written in 1958 by the late Mr Zubir Said and was presented to the nation in 1959, the year SIN became a self-governing state. When Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was Prime Minister, the issue that the national anthem is in Malay and many do not understand Malay was discussed. It was decided that it should be kept as it was, while ensuring that its translations in the other official languages were more easily available. Am glad about the decision… as I have learnt it since I was 9 years young!

Majulah Singapura

Mari kita ra’yat
Singapura sama sama menuju Bahagia.
Cita cita kita yang mulia
Berjaya Singapura!
Marilah kita bersatu,
Dengan semangat yang baru.
Semua kita berseru
Majulah Singapura,
Majulah Singapura!

Onward Singapore

We, the people of Singapore

Together march towards happiness
Our noble aspiration
To make Singapore a success
Let us all unite
In a new spirit
Together we proclaim
Onward Singapore
Onward Singapore






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