6 Aug 2009 – Food Glorious Food

Enough of thought provoking subjects! Have been and still continuing to enjoy the local cuisine here, so much that my body (history of ulcer and food poisoning) is now telling me to find a balance, especially with the hot chillies. The problem is that when you are used to those spices, food taste bland without them, but what a life if one cannot have some indulgence with good food & wines. My children’s father once told me that we in SIN live to eat while the Norwegians eat to live… he might have a point in this case!

Blogging and discussing about food (safe & neutral) is over saturated but would like to share a few (too many to list all) budget$$ favourites, bearing in mind that even the taste of food and art are personal and subjective. But many will agree that only on this red dot where all the scrumptious gastronomical varieties make SIN one of the world’s best eating paradise. STB=Tourist Board will be happy to read this! That must be why I put on weight when in SIN 🙂


Bak Chor Mee: Blk 58 Marine Parade Rd

Chai Tow Kueh/Carrot Cake: Market next to TC@Marine Terrace

DanDan Mian & Barley Water: Mian Mian Ju Dao, Basement @The Cathy, Hardy Rd


Dim Sum: Victor’s Kitchen, Sun Shine Plaza, Bencoolen St

Durians, Frog-Legs Porridge & Raw Fish: Tiong Shian, Keong Siak Rd, Chinatown

Peranakan & Popian: Glory, East Coast Rd


Salted Eggs Crabs & Crispy Beancurd Skin Roll: Big Eater’s Seafood, Upper Changi Rd, newly discovered, thanks to Lizzy Lim & Kong Heng Sun.

I am not a glutton… I am an explorer of food – Emma Bombeck

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  1. Hey, I have always wanted to try Big Eater’s down the hill from my place. The salted egg crab dish is calling out to me now.

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