Happy 4th July


4 Jul 2009 – Back in SIN

The only flight on schedule was from CAE-CVG (1hr15mins flight time). Was delayed 1hr+ from CVG-JFK (1hr30mins) but made no difference as there was a layover time of 6hrs+ @JFK with a lovely sunset. Another 2hrs+ delay from JFK-PVG (14hrs+). Arriving PVG in the early morning smog and was zapped by the aliens. Thank goodness for normal body temps! No big deal about the delay from JFK as the morning flight from PVG-SIN (5hrs15mins) was cancelled; another 10hrs+ layover for the next flight and could not even update blog as China does not allow access to WordPress.


Met another Amy at the transit hall and we decided to get happy with a stiff cocktail before 0800hrs! She did not know about the cancelled flight and was on her way to SIN where she has lived for 7 years teaching English. Left Linn’s house in Columbia, SC 1000hrs Wed 1Jul USA Eastern time and arrived @ my HDB 2200hrs Fri 3Jul SIN time. That is for traveling on budget fares with China Eastern, RT tickets cost US $750 for SIN-PVG-JFK-PVG-SIN and the US section on mileage. More important that all the flights took off and landed safely! SIN is the only civilize airport to have a layover!

I think arriving at or departing from any airport in America is just horrendous these days – Roger Moore

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  1. Welcome back. I’ve been delayed several times while opting for lower fares. Then I realised why the fares were cheaper. It works when we’re not in such a hurry or else it can really create alot of havoc.

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