7 Jul 2009 – Words from a Zombie

Joel told me that it will take 1 day for each hour difference in time to recover… ouch, that means 12 days to be normal! Well guess what? Slept for 12hrs after arrival and off to dinner with Lawrence as he was flying back to KCH. Was feeling like a zombie but do remember having beef noodles and some red wine in a plastic cup!

Sun: morning playing with Kiera who arrived from Canberra, Australia the night before me. Afternoon at the airport… again; introduced Lawrence & Mabel to the new T3 and kept company with them for lunch; they were unaware that there was 2hrs delayed for their flight. Had crabs for dinner and a pleasant catch-up time with cousin David from Hawaii.


Mon: met with Joel & Julia who were visiting from Perth. Congratulations with their 2nd wedding anniversary, welcome to SIN and to parenthood. Tue: just saw them off at the airport… again. Forgot to give them my book yesterday; somehow jet-lagging manages to play tricks on the mind but a good scapegoat to have for now 🙂

Joel’s mother, Peggy Leung, married Puddey is my childhood friend from 1954… I do remember those days! Welcome to grand-parenthood, Peggy & Ian. 


In childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking out. In memories of childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking in – Robert Brault

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