27 Oct 2008 – National Costumes

A bunad is a traditional Norwegian costume, typically of rural origin. Bunad are local to Norway’s traditional districts, and the result both of traditional evolution and organized efforts to discover and modernize traditional designs. The designs are typically elaborate, with embroidery, scarves, shawls and hand-made silver or gold jewellery. There are bunad for men, women, wedding couples and children. Many districts have their own unique designs. Pictures: Øst-Telemark Raudtrøye.

The bunad came into existence about 100 years ago when a wave of national romanticism swept across the country. Their design is based on regional folk costumes that were on the verge of disappearing. Suddenly, people wanted to preserve everything that was traditional including the old folk costumes. In recent years, interest in bunad and folk costumes has steadily increased. This is especially apparent on 17 May (Norway’s National Day), when there is an incredible show of gorgeous costumes from across the country.

With those layers of clothes, it is no wonder that the population of Norway (area 323,802 sq km) is the same as in Singapore (area 692.7 sq km), app 4.6 million!

It is long accepted by the missionaries that morality is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing people wore – Alex Carey

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