23 Oct 2008 – Museums

Guiding Mike (my trail angel from the AT hike) towards some sites and museums will get him museum-ed! out when he departs Norway. Bærum & Vigeland Park (pictures in older posts), museums in the center of Oslo and Bydgø which are not in older postings are as follows:

Nasjonalgalleriet/National Gallery- Nordic & International art from 19th century to present

History Museum- Norwegian antiquities from the Stone age onwards

Frammuseet-  the famous polar exploration ship FRAM

Kon-Tiki Museet- Thor Heyerdahl’s papyrus boat Ra II and the raft Kon-tiki are preserved by this museum

Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum/The Norwegian Maritime Museum

Norsk Folkemuseum/The Norwegian Folk Museum- One of Europe’s largest open-air museums

Vikingskipshuset/The Viking Ship Museum’s- three burial ships, the best-preserved Viking ships in existence (pictures in Viking Age, 1 Jul post).

That which, perhaps hears more nonsense than anything in the world, is a picture in a museum – Edmond de Goncourt 

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