Piggsoppgrenda 6

22 Sep 2008 – Piggsoppgrenda 6

After leasing a house for over 23 years to different tenants, there is much to repair and repaint.  Just got the plumber to handle the major leakages and to change the hot water tank. Trying to do the rest myself and I am certainly feeling all the aches! Painted the whole house in 1985 before I left Norway but I do not recall these pains!

The main bedroom, TV room, fireplace and kitchen/dining are completed. There are still the living room, 2 more bedrooms and 2 bathrooms to go and not forgetting the ceilings. Will probably pay someone to do the ceilings as I know my limits after painting 1 bedroom ceiling!

Sopp=mushroom in Norwegian and piggsopp is a kind of mushroom. There must have been mushrooms in my neighbourhood as most of the roads are named after different kind of sopp. The view out of my window is serene with Bryn church and churchyard where 2 of my friends are buried. It is heading towards cold weather here and I am getting worn out!

Pictures from left: Piggsoppgrenda, entrance, kitchen with all the paint brushes etc, fireplace & terrace

The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain – Lord Byron

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  1. Such a cute name! I think of truffles right away because the pigs can sniff them out! Don’t overwork yourself and stay warm!

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