5 May 2008 – Orlando, Sanford & Uptown Altamonte

Sat- arrived into Orlando and my baggage was not there; complicated & long story! When people asked where is my home, the answer is usually ‘where my suitcase is’ but this is not applicable today. Al met me at the airport and drove straight to Jan’s parents’ surprise 60 wedding anniversary – apologies for arriving 1hr late. Quite a different weather from cold Canada to warm Florida. It was no wonder the flight from Montreal to Orlando was overbooked!

Jan and I were in same travel school in 1988. Angie and I shared the same birth date; Al, Jan’s husband and Linn also shared the same birth date and we used to celebrate those days together. At present Jan has 4 grandchildren from daughters Angie & Jackie. Amanda, her youngest daughter is May’s age. Appreciation to the Sosa family for including me on this very special and memorable evening and thank you for giving a bed for the night.

Sun- my ‘home’ was delivered to Nancy’s. We used to help at the events & functions when her son Matt & Linn were at Lake Howell High School. Nancy has 2 grandchildren now. We lunched in Sanford at the Willow Tree which used to be a smaller cafe. Spent the afternoon driving around Lake Monroe enjoying the company & weather. Overnight at Terry & Dee, Linn’s in-laws.

Mon- chatting, shopping for grocery & cooking with Dee. The evening breeze was pleasant and so was the 3mi walk around Crane’s Rooster, a man-made retention pond surrounded by shops & condos around this new area of Altamonte Uptown. Gina’s Lakeside was where the rehearsal dinner for Linn & Jeff’s 1997 wedding was held and it still stands. Photo courtesy to Dee.

Every day is a journey; and the journey itself is home – Matsuo Basho

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  1. Nice photos. You look relaxed against the beautiful backdrop. I bought a copy of Shape and you’re the (inside back) cover girl! Very lovely picture of you in a green jacket. Have you seen it?

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