Camera Crisis

2 May 2008

Thu- dropped my camera and it is not happy. Do not know when there will be a chance to buy another one. Photo courtesy to Lock & Yun.

Met and lunched with Graham, an ex-colleague and friend of Yun. Appreciate to meet up with someone with a good sense of humour. Yun & I have been going thru’ photographs dating from 1930s, such fond memories of our childhood in SIN and student days from Dublin. 1969 wedding picture of Lock & May at Stillorgan Rd, Dublin. Tonight they arrived for dinner at Sumach St, Toronto after their long drive from Sault St Marie.

Fri- paid respect to 5 uncle Tick at York Cemetery on this grey day. There will not be a house warming at Newcastle this trip. Good luck and hope that their new house will be ready soon. Dinner with the 3 cousins & May. Still trying to convince them to be in SIN Nov for a family gathering. Tomorrow at 0700hrs I will have to catch my flight to Orlando. How wonderful to have caught up with them and thank you for all the hospitality, especially Yun, who had to put me up for 2 weeks.

If you wish to know the mind of a man, listen to his words – Chinese Proverb

2 thoughts on “Camera Crisis

  1. I’ll be quite happy to drop my camera so that I have an excuse to buy another one. The one I am using has some limitations and I kick myself for not doing enough research when looking for a camera.

  2. hey amy,
    still moving around so much.
    stay fit and enjoy every new journey that you embark on..

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