Standard Chartered Marathon 2022

6 Dec 2022 – Tampines1, Hub & Mall

Sat: nice walk down memory lane from the bus stop in front of CapitolBuilding crossing StamfordRd to VictoriaSt where main entrance to my old CHIJ school was.

From the GateOfHope heading down the red-tiles-floor where it was an orphanage once-upon-a-time now houses many trendy eateries.

Delighted to see the beautiful old fig-tree still standing by CaldwellHouse, former Rev Mother’s office – a place familiar to me being summoned there more than once!

Welcome Garry back to SIN and on this 3rdAdventDay,TerimaKasih/thank you to Clement for yummy lunch@LeiGarden. Do not remember when I was last there, and since it is still there, must be doing something right as it is the only restaurant I remember from here when I returned in 1998.

Random happenings while walking off lunch…

Sun: StandardCharteredMarathon were dominated by Kenyans with EzekielOmullo winning the men’s marathon in 2hr20min20sec. ~0645hrs at the half-way-mark/MarineCove to cheer on Kevin who completed his 1st-SIN-Marathon&40+other Marathons around the world.

Due to the marathon, took the wrong bus and was delayed 5mins heading to UnitedMedicare/Queensway, but all’s well that ends well on this 4thAdventDay 謝謝thank you to dearest bro Steven for his smiles despite not remembering who I am. Thank goodness for my amazing niece DaisyL who is such a filial daughter.

An afternoon@HollandV; MeePok brunch followed by walk to ChipBeeGardens for ice-cream@DailyScoop, coffee@SundayFolks, and an AlmondCroissant from TiongBahruBakery to take away.

Ice-cream makes me feel like being a kid again, tkx to DaisyL – hahaha

Mon: busy busy day started with a short walk around BugisJunction before Bfast with Kevin&his mother Theresa. Tkx to Alex for his book, looking forward to reading it.

Getting confused and lost@Tampines but to discover&learn that TampinesMall, Tampines1,TampinesHub,CenturySq are 4different places, but are connected in one way or other. Tkx to Kiera, a delightful grandniece for showing me around the impressive Hub – last here was in 2017.

Such a good idea as to the use of the open space in the middle, will try to figure out if there will be a movie for my taste screening to experience this open-air-concept but with a roof.

An amazing library on 5levels including 2culirnary studios.

Including play-stations for the younger non-readers to release their energy.

ShepherdPie lunch@DutchColony

Tkx to Garry for PonggolNasiLemak dinner+dessert/Hoshino Coffee@Capitol.

Ending this day with one of SINs most entertaining comedian KumarXXX where he celebrates 30yrs in show business. Find something that makes you happy. Even if it’s less money, at least you’re satisfied, and you’re happy – Kumar.

Tue: Happy St Nicolas Day on this 6thAdventDay; thank you/Kiitos and Happy National Day for Finland and to those celebrating&marking the day. Safe journeys for Kevin+his mother Theresa after a short visit here, now heading back to Finland after seeing Theresa off in Borneo.

Safe journey to Garry who heads back to Australia this morning. Brunch with Clement spending the rest of the afternoon exploring I12Katong checking out what is available now that most spaces are occupied after being revamped.

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