11 Nov 2022 – ByeBye DnB, Hello SpareBank

Tue: FinnAir dep on schedule last night 22.30hrs, thought it looked to be a crowded full plane but was lucky to have an empty seat next to me for this 13+hrs flying time from SIN-HEL. With dinner, 7hrs of sleep, breakfast, watched 1movie(Land/USA) and had fun with their flight info screen, all in all a good flight.

Arr HEL on time with 1+hrs layover time to connect; such a contrast here compared to last night’s crowd in SIN airport last night, but then it is 0600hrs! HEL is a popular transfer point for services to&from Europe and 1+hr was enough time to connect from HEL-OSL, 1hr20mins flight time and again lucky here to have an empty seat next to me on this nearly full flight.

Arr OSL 0830hrs on time in fog&rains. Expected to be in line at the immigration here in OSL, pleasantly surprised did not have to go thru’ any immigration as it was taken care of in HEL where the passport was stamped with the 1st stamp for this passport, but do not understand why they had to stamp it on the last page?? Time for pølse med lumpa(hotdog wrapped in potato wrap) with raw onions NK46-S$$6+soda/SoloNK40-S$5, XpressTrain RTtickets@SenSave NK210-S$29.

Appreciations to 2nd-born for meeting me at the train station. No point of her driving to the airport which will take ~1hr when the Xpress train takes ~20mins.

Most of the autumn yellow leaf have fallen and it is wet&cold outside. But when you are in the company of your beloved family with such indoor plants, it does not matter what the weather is outside. As the Norwegian saying goes –
There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes
Amazing with even a lemon on their lemon plant; Christmas cactus given by Ellen(1924-2020),1st&2nd-born’s Norwegian grandmother, coincidently it started to flower on Ellen’s Bday this year(27Oct). Beautiful Oxalis triangularis/ Purple Shamrock. Do wonder where they get such GreenThumbs from?

Wed: a walk down Bogstadveien in the Majorstuen area. Chillout-travel store is still around; looks like Christmas decorations are up, got warm-smoked mackerel at Jacob’s,(Essendrops gate9), one of the few grocery stores that has it.

DnB has been quite a pain –  considering that I have been banking with them since the 1970s@RådmannHalmrastsVei,Sandvika(used to be able to drive there, now for only pedestrians) when it was BergenBank(pix downloaded) merged with Den norske Creditbank in 1990 to form Den norske Bank. It is now part of DnB NOR, and finally closing my account there and done with them, opening a new account with SpareBank
What businesses need from a bank is significantly different from what individuals need from a bank ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr, CEO of Mayflower-Plymouth
Thu: nice refreshing walk around the neighbourhood amongst these beautiful naked trees in appropriate clothing to stay dry&warm to meet with Ingrid&HansK.
I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift – Dodinsky
Fri: Ullevål Stadion has a new coffee joint – ExpressoHouse, was a pharmacy there during my last visit 3yrs ago. Looks like they are tearing down a building across the road, wonder what it will be? Metro station spied from a side exit.
Glad that BakerHansen is still around where my favourite Napoleonskake&Kransekaker can be purchased. Delighted to discover that #6, like his mormor&oldermor also likes Napoleonskaker. Tkx to Mette for taking time to catch up.

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