Sembawang And Yishun

28 Nov 2022 – Cyber Monday

Fri: tkx to Boon for sharing this from KenrokuenGarden/Japan bringing back wonderful memories from 7yrs ago. Nice to see that this tree has grown to reach the top of its support system.

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful— Alice Walker
Sat: 20copies of Season’s GreetingsS$6.50, one box ChocolateTartsS$5.50, BananaPieS$30 from DonaManis, KTMW-chicken-rice-lunchS$7.90@KatongShoppingCentre. Chicken-rice-hunk-SokiWu is now computerized – too busy to smile or do his act or perhaps he has grown out of it!
Bus to YishunInterchange/NorthpointMall, off one stop too early when changing from bus966-857 and got totally lost in some residential area, but all’s well that ends well and appreciations to DaisyC for meeting me at the interchange.
Tkx to cousin John for hosting a BBQbday at his house with green garden, a rambutan-tree
surrounded by 100s of air-plants&bonsai and even the rooster&hens fly in here to make themselves at home. And how befitting to have this cock visiting to just learnt that South Carolina Gamecocks/USA(where #1 is at her 3rdYear now) won their AmericanFootball game.
Tkx to his offer for this stone-stool, originally from 5Temenggong, something I so remember sitting on in my childhood. He also has some of the stone-backings for another stone-bench; good to be reminded of the good-old-days. Looking forward to finding this stool a new place outside my 4-walls.
Nice to catch up with part of this branch of the family(Jay&Ray are away working) and to meet new younger ppl. Happy Bday DaisyC, vividly remember one of the first visits when Josh was born, ie 23+yrs ago, now a mother of 3sons into their 20s.
Sun: with Thanksgiving out of the way, time to get the Christmas stuff out, starting with the list of correspondences, And also its the first Sunday of Advent, need to find the Advent Calendar. 
Mon:  BlackFriday&CyberMonday – time to shop&find your bargains, but for someone who dislike shopping, those days are just like any other days. Unable to find just one word that would be the opposite of a shopaholic or oniomania! Calvin&Sam are in Germany, so will be in CC most of this week, hopefully get hardcopies of 2022Season’sGreetings addressed and in the postbox by the last day of Nov.