Yang Yun At Tanglin Club

5 Nov 2022 – 75thBirthday

Wed: Happy 75thBirthday HS, thank you&appreciations for delicious

Cantonese-Bday-dinner@TangYun/TanglinClub. Chef MikeTan here has extensive international experience, most recently at JW Marriott’s Chinese restaurant, which was awarded the prestigious Michelin Plate. Prior to that, he worked at Resorts World Sentosa’s Michelin Star-winning Forest Restaurant, and at restaurants in New York, Beijing, Miami, and Shanghai. His Miami restaurant “Hakkasan” is also a Michelin Star winner for contemporary Cantonese cuisine.

Was lucky to get the doggie-bag of the left over SteamedMarbleGoby with SpicyBeanPaste辣豆沙蒸大理石蝦虎魚and this is the result when you know how to eat fish…lol

HS and I go way back to the 1950s when our parents were good friends and glad that this kind of friendship continues on to our generation. Nov1956 HS’s 9Bday party@LewisRd where we, the kids then were totally hypnotized by the snake-charmer!

Thu: running some errands and tkx to Clement for soufflé@HoshinoCoffee/PlazaSIN. Could not take my eyes off the cute serving robots with blinking eyes downstairs @PaperRice/Vietnamese food – must try to get closer to those serving robots someday!

Discovered that Muji@PlazaSIN also serves food and looks&smells pretty decent with the smaller portions that would suit me – another must try.

Fri: walking the back-route via the overhead bridge across StillRd around MP HDB-estates to Parkway and also to check out where the MPCC is now temporary located.

Always glad to see that this public area is still immaculately clean&well-maintained despite of the constructions for the new MPCC&MRT.

Sat: lovely cool day after a night of rains. Getting cooler weather clothing&travelling accessories out of mothballs for cleaning&repairs. Had been 3yrs ago since these have seen daylight and now that eyesight is not as it was(even in daylight!), taking much longer time to mend&sew, but still manage to not throw things that are mendable. Nowadays with so many carry-ons&Wheelys around, decided to sew a smiley face on it, that way hopefully will be able to find&see it easily.

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