New Bus Stop@Esplanade

4 Jul 2022 – ByeBye to MPCC

Fri: after 22 years, the iconic facade of the Marine Parade Community Building will soon be no more as the building undergoes major upgrading with no plans by the PA to retain the mural… – tkx to DarrenSoh for this share – 30Jun2022. Built in 1999, designed by WilliamLimAssociates with its design architect  Goh Kasan, one of the sons of famed SIN dramatist, novelist, poet&doctor GOHPohSeng. Both William&PohSeng’s families were old friends of our family. Hope to be able to see the new upgraded version in 2025

Getting off bus36 on RafflesAve on the way for my SGH-appts bright&early for a walk about – looks like the Float is ready&geared for the NDP. Peaceful&pleasant stroll only with a handful of ppl around the water front. Oh how I do enjoy these early morning walks when I can have the space to myself.

From the Esplanade-Outdoor-Stage with some quality meditation-reflection-time to calm the mind before a very busy Jul month ahead.

New bus-stop (here is where I will transfer to bus75 and when done in less than 45mins, no extra transfer charges) on EsplanadeDr in front of the Esplanade+info with newer larger text font size,

but even the new kids on the block, a forged copper of Family of Five will still not be able to read! The rest of the morning for blood-tests, CTscan, etc@SGH. Preference to morning appts, can then get my favourite almond croissant+a cuppa@TiongBahruBakery before heading back to my 4-walls.

Appreciations to Theresa&CJ for dinner, she makes the best lobster-congee where there are more lobster bits than congee! Good white, not too dry or sweet wine from MargaretRiver/Australia to perfectly compliment dinner, tkx to Les.

Sat: a L-O-N-G day at T1 Changi airport – met with LilyLing (Mabel’s sis-in-law) who is on transit from KCH-BRU. Luggage issue on transit, thankful for helpful ppl at AsiaAsia, iCounter+a kind young man who loan me his charging cable (phone battery flat!) and that she had 9hrs layover giving time to sort out her luggage issue+time to sit down for a meal. Glad that I had on a colourful outfit so that she can find me on this crowded day –  All’s Well That End Well and now on her way to re-unite with her daughter+grandsons, ie if luggage does not get lost again on her next transit in Istanbul/Turkey

See previous post for words of advice from CarolN regarding –  Flying internationally (to UK/Europe, anyway) right now is not for the faint-hearted…

Linn&Katy+Ellie are now in OSL/Norway, delighted to see lovely blue sky pix where that they are having nice weathers with their Norwegian family and enjoying the new zip-line@Tryvannstårnet – new for me, must try when I get back there.

Sun: back to the inside of the Espalande

Tkx to Leonard & SL for lunch at StraitsChineseNonyaRestaurant 土生坊正宗娘惹餐馆@Esplanade, a drive to check out AreaG-ECPk for their input&comments.

Dessert at the new PS-Cafe@I12, their keylime pie is not as it used to be, too sweet for me now and also a pet friendly outdoor terrace where you will not find me there!

Mon: Happy 4th to all celebrating&marking today. Fun memories of this day from the many visits in USA over the years and this year Linn+Katy&Ellie will be celebrating this day with May&Olai in Norway.

Also a gentle reminder to be considerate with your fireworks with thoughts from the reactions of the family’s dog!

Sharing food with friends@CC today – pix credits to Helen (one of her by me) and tkx for chicken-wings+++

Independence Day: freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed — else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die – Dwight D. Eisenhower

4 Jul – Happy 4th
6 Jul – Happy 80Bday cousin JohnWong
14 Jul – Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France
17 Jul – Happy Bday NancyBowman
20 Jul – Happy Bday DavidYeoh
21 Jul – Happy Bday AlbertChua
22 Jun – Happy Anniversary Dike&Mark
23 Jun – Happy Bdays Lucas & James

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