1st Covid-19 Vaccines Shipment (21Dec2020/SIN)

22 Dec 2020 – Small Family Christmas Gatherings

Sat: on this 4th and last Sunday of Advent, the thank you word is Grazie to the Yeohs for a scrumptious dinner of prawn-salad starters, chicken&ham, trimmings&sides, butter-honey-whisky sauce to top the Panettone. Even Rudolf without a red-nose but with its lovely lights shinning the joy of our family gathering with 3generations hosted by Pat&David+Lucas+Beth with Jo&Micheal, Les&Ivy and I.

No big family gathering this year, but many small gatherings limited to 5 outsiders (excluding those living in that household), it will go up to 8 on the 28Dec. Liz in France tells me that for them it is 6 in total which includes the household and guests. What then if your household is 7, like Linn&family???

Sun: tkx for this pix from Karen (Wigs), many have been and still are hanging on this year! Sometimes it is not a matter of hanging on or hang in there when the mind is not in sync with the body. Now it is a matter of accepting reality and doing it as graciously as possible.

Mon: delivered a gift to Theresa&ChengJun@MtE this morning, and also to do some last minute errands@PlazaSIN. The crowds (to me!) in an enclosed area for a Mon was more than I could handle. Got what I really needed and left the other errands to another day – probably after the new year when classes are back in schools.

Happy Winter Solstice/Dongzhi冬至節, the arrival of winter and the shortest day of the year. Enjoy your TangYuan湯圓, literally soup-ball – glutinous rice flour dumpling filled with various fillings like black sesame, my favourite. Usually just plain round balls either in white or various colours, but since I like to play with food, sharing these downloaded fancy ones! Hopefully a clear sky tonight to view the once in~400yrs? Christmas Star! Edited: here is one of my favourites of this recent Christmas-Star from BSU Planetarium in Idaho,USA.
A Singapore Airlines cargo pellet containing Singapore’s first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines is unloaded from the aircraft on Dec 21, 2020. (Photo: Try Sutrisno Foo).
Tue: what a delightful visit from eldest nephew, Mun&his wife SK. Their first visit to my 4-walls since moving in 20+yrs ago! Blessed&proud of all my children+their families and  nieces&nephews+their families, ie the OG&PG. Appreciations for lunch in my hood and for the honey, never sweet enough, so more honey is always good for the soul.
What is happening to me happens to all fruits that grow ripe. It is the honey in my veins that makes my blood thicker, and my soul quieter ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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