World Book Day

28 Apr 2019 – Interviews With SHS&HSS

Tue: today on World Book Day, tkx to Edmund Wee for having a sale and for signing his 4books on Understanding Singaporeans@HuggsEpigram CoffeeBookshop/URA. Have been wanting to know more about KiongSaik Rd and looking forward to reading this narrative by Charmaine Leung.

Grocery shopping&movie based on Anna Todd’s best-selling novel which became a publishing sensation on social storytelling platform Wattpad, After@Parkway – young chick flick!!

Wed: appreciations to  Lynn Wong YuQing (SIN Heritage Society/SHS) video-interviewed for In Search of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl牛郎织女 Trying to remember what I can from those days when grandmother had the different foods, etc for all these celebrations.

Thu: woke up with a pain and was planning yesterday to go to the polyclinics for a referral letter to the dentist for a broken tooth, not this pain! As I was explaining about the pain and with my past history, was considered high-risk, ended by in an ambulance to A&E@Raffles Hospital. All’s well that ends well so far but will need further tests sooner or later!

Fun&such a clever idea to be able to taste a bite of all these 5 small-bowls/S$11.70 including a drink. Enjoyed it all for lunch after being discharged! – my personal favourite Pathumthani-soup base,

@Boat Noodle, Bugis Junction 重庆烤鱼

Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour ― William Cowper

Fri: raining cats&dogs and the bus was stuck in traffic for 20mins@OrchardTurn. Tkx to Ivy for Fri yummy lunch@GinzaKuroson/Takashimaya Shopping Centre Level3. The first round, the beef was overdone, returned it and got it medium-rare (which was what I ordered!) the next round!

A walk around the food area in the basement – a must for me but only when I am not hungry! Ended with dessert@Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream, smooth coffee flavour.

Sat: discovering new area here@Bendemeer FoodCentre on the way for an interview.

Appreciations to CH&Shamima of the Humanist Society (Singapore)HSS for interviewing me regarding to my views on being humanist@Upside Down Concepts Studios. Good luck to the HSS and always remember to live&teach Peace&Love in all ways.

More discoveries in the neighbourhood on MacKenzie RdOyeyo Boulder Home, a climbing gym&Owls Brew, a pub.

Andy happens to be the one running Oyeyo and appreciations to him for giving me a tour to his colourful place and for explaining how the name Oyeyo came about – not a climber but do wish him the very best for his passion. Looks like a fun place for any climbers&my grandkids. With Owls Brew next door, so you can unwind with some craft beer!

Pat is the chef&owner for Owls Brew – a cozy place to have a bite with your drinks. A nice lay-back ambiance giving the feel of being far from the maddening crowd.  Appreciations to Pat who has kindly accommodate us to serve you with her yummy pub food when you are at our new location@Campers Corner.

Sun: tkx to Clement for dinner@MrsPho/BeachRoad – first visit here, the broth tasty&beef tender.

Evening walk around the Arab St area to capture these murals. Would be nice with a cup of coffee, but I do want a goodnight sleep! Ended with a bowl of black sesame paste@AhChiew Dessert on LiangSeah St.

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