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18 Apr 2019 – CC & Library@HabourFront

Mon: day for printing invoice@MPlibrary and how frustrating, only 1 printer on Level3. Had to get help from groundLevel as printer was not functioning, thus going down-up twice to finally get a page of invoice costing 0.030c. Need to write in about having more printers or move the printer to the ground-Level. Banking&haircut went smoothly. Movie Guang/Malaysian movie – about two brothers. The older brother Guang is autistic and cannot focus or socialize with other people. A touching movie deserving 2awards@ChineseYouth Generation FilmForum in Wuhan/China.

Tue: tkx to Helen for dinner with take-out food from TekkaMarket/LittleIndia dining@Campers’Corner’s new location. Need to go across the road to get a better shot of the new location.

Like the bigger brighter open concept of space.

With new brands to try out on top of their extensive selection of Quality-Gears for your outdoor activities&adventures which is a a must for your enjoyment&safety.

We are open Good Friday from 12n, so plx do drop by earlier before the photo-sharing to check out this new lovely new location with new high-tech toilets too 🙂 Experienced&knowledgeable management&staff (including myself) will do our best to help you to find gears, etc most suitable for your needs.

Wed: sad, shock&speechless – prayers&thoughts to all the firefighters at this medieval cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Not that it is ever a good time for fires, but to happen on this most holy week, Easter for the Christians! Was last there 1997 – pix downloaded.

Welcome back to SIN from Perth for the Easter break & appreciations for scrumptious vegetarian lunch@Elemen元素/HabourFront to Annie.

Enjoyed both the taste&presentation of the food here.

Perfect portion with a bit of this&that of everything for us to share&taste without getting stuffed. Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour ― William Cowper

The new library@habourfront (just above GV where Daiso used to be) and with views towards Sentosa like these – who would not like to be sitting here in the comforts of the AC reading all day?

Looks like grandnephew Andrew is now taller than his mother.

Since I was here, decided to catch a movie FriendZone – Thai flick about a relationship border-lining friends&lovers more for the younger generation but no harm to kill time when there are cute eye-candy young Thai guys to look at 🙂 The funny thing was that when I was getting the ticket, this young boy asked me if this is a good movie and all I could say was I would not know until I have seen it!! Then he continued telling me how boring&slow the other movie FiveFeet Apart was and I kinda agreed with him. Will probably not remember these 2movies by next week!!


Thu: have been overwhelmed by these new locations the past week (including Jewel), but do look forward to spending more time to explore them at a slower pace. Even at a slower pace@The National Library, did not have enough time to read the captions of these wonderful B/Wpix inside; unusual installation, PieceOfMind by Choo JenQuinn outside@The Plaza.


Appreciations to Gretchen Liu for her talk on SIN in B/W which was informative and interesting. Imagine if you carry this apparatus to take a pix – there will certainly not be pix here!! Great to catch up with Irene who also attended the talk.

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence ― Ansel Adams

thumbnail_Invito x Egidio Scardamaglia

Would have like to have attended this exhibition if I was in Rome – tkx to Egidio for the invite and all the best.

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